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New Overtime Rules Drive Employers to Scheduling Software


With more and more regulations getting passed to further manage employee overtime, companies will turn to technology to ensure they are complying with these new regulations. Let’s take a quick look at four of the newest regulations impacting employers:

  • In state such as California, a multitude of laws have been passed in the last 14 months that require paid sick leave and equal pay for equal jobs. To further complicate matters, many local jurisdictions, such as Los Angeles, Berkley and Santa Monica are passing their own local regulations that differ from state and federal law.
  • On a national level, employers must prepare for new rules that change workplace injury reporting as well as new federal overtime rules.
  • Predictable Schedule Regulations – Cities such as San Francisco and Seattle have passed or are considering passing regulations that require employers to schedule in such a way that meets a predictable scheduling mandate. This means that employers must give workers their schedule two weeks in advance. Some of the regulations will also require employers to provide extra pay for last minute changes to the schedule.
  • Department of Labor’s Overtime Rule – As of December 1, 2016, full-time salaried employees can earn overtime if they make up to $47,476 per year. It is expected this overtime rule will impact 4.2 million Americans, ranging from small to large businesses. These employers will now need to track employees that never required tracking before.

So how do companies ensure they are properly paying the employee that has been working 60 hours a week correctly? Implementing a cloud based time & attendance system is one solution. When investigating HR software, consider the following:

Understand Your Employer Obligations – Regulations differ from small to mid-size to enterprise level employers, so it is important that you understand what regulations govern your size business. Additionally, industries such as restaurants and retail have their own set of regulations. Much of the information is available through resources such as the Society for Human Resource Management. If you have questions from there, consider working with a HR professional to sort out the details.

Look at your software options – Evaluate options that provide what you need to stay in compliance.Do you need multiple methods for employees to punch in and out? Biometric, mobile or touch-tone management?

Accruals & Time Banks – What accrual balances do you need to track? Good examples are sick leave and personal time off accruals.

API integration – Does the software need to integrate with your payroll platform? This may be very important since California now requires employers to track personal time off and have the accruals printed on the employees’ paycheck stubs.

So if you find your business struggling to keep up with the changing, employer friendly regulations, it may be time to consider a cloud based time & attendance system.


About KEB

KEB, a leading provider of HR services offers products tailored to address the critical needs of small and medium size businesses. KEB removes the burden of HR management and allows business owners, C-level executives and HR professionals to focus on their business. A partnership with KEB will reduce the labor and employment risk and increase the financial bottom line through strategic and innovative HR solutions.

Benefits of Partnering with KEB:

Top-Tier Benefits – KEB Partners can attract and retain “A” level talent in our highly competitive environment with access to comprehensive group benefit plans. Many of the plan designs and cost structures are often out of reach for small and medium businesses. Through KEB strategic alliances, KEB can provide its partner employees with group insurance and retirement plan options available through industry leading carriers and providers.

Scalable Infrastructure – With automated payroll and a cloud based HR system, KEB helps companies manage growth and contain overhead costs by providing their employees with 24/7 access to their own information. Our cloud based human resource information system offers partners the ability to manage time & attendance in a mobile world and have access to a robust applicant tracking system. The KEB platform also provides partners access to experienced HR Specialists and seasoned service team members with technology industry expertise to help support the payroll and HR system.

Risk & Compliance – The KEB team provides offerings and services designed to support our partners reduce their exposure to the ever increasing risks of employee-related claims. We provide claims management assistance and give each partner strategic plans, resources and training to help prevent future employment claims. KEB also provides clients with comprehensive HR compliance guidance to help ensure their business is following all of the federal, state and local regulatory requirements across all 50 states.


To learn more about KEB’s Time & Attendance software, contact us at 1-888-488-1827.


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